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Chief Schlumbohm
Chief Schlumbohm

Chief Bill Schlumbohm was promoted from Deputy Chief of Police to Chief of Police on January 1st, 2017. Prior to the formation of the Lakes Area Police Department, he was the Police Chief for the Chisago City Police Department and was with the department for about 11 years before the two departments merged. Bill was a guiding force in the merger and became Deputy Chief upon the creation of the Lakes Area Police Department. He and his family and live in the Chisago lakes Area. Bill has a background in computer programming, which has been a great asset to law enforcement.

Captain Larson

Captain Larson is from Wisconsin but attended college in Minnesota. Captain Katie Larson was hired as an Officer in August of 2005, and promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2012, and Captain in 2017. Captain Larson has gone through many training courses to help detect impaired drivers including Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Supervising & Management, and has also been trained in National Incident Management through FEMA.


Detective Merchlewitz
Detective Merchlewitz

Detective Mike Merchlewitz started as a Community Service Officer in 1993 with the Lindstrom Police Department.  In March of 1994 he became a part-time Officer and in June of 1994 went to full-time.  Detective Merchlewitz is certified in Intoxilyzer Operations and certified to operate LIDAR.  In 2015 he was assigned full time to the Detective Bureau.   He has taught Project Charlie and National Child Safety to the area youth.

Sergeant Spencer

Before becoming a Police Officer, Sergeant Cory Spencer became an Intern with the Lakes Area Police Department in the summer of 2005. After completing his internship Sergeant Spencer applied for a Community Service Officer Position in 2006 and was appointed to that position by the Police Commission. In 2007 Sergeant Spencer became a Police Officer with the L.A.P.D. Sergeant Spencer had obtained his Part-Time Police Officer license and Worked as a Part-Time Officer for Lakes Area PD while completing his Minnesota Full-Time License requirements. Upon successfully completing his Minnesota License Requirements, Sergeant Spencer was appointed as a Full-Time Officer in September of 2007. Sergeant Spencer has a long time connection with the Chisago lakes Area spending his youthful years in the area. After graduating college Sergeant Spencer worked as an Officer in Wisconsin for a short time also. In 2018, Sergeant Spencer was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, where he supervises the B side patrol rotation.

Officer Larson

Officer Tiffany Larson was hired in February of 2019 and had previously worked for the Dilworth Police Department which is located near Moorehead, MN. She is currently working as a School Resource Officer, assigned to the Middle School and Pathways program.

Officer Kolbow

Before becoming a Lakes Area Police Officer, Officer Jordan Kolbow worked for the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office as a licensed Deputy working in the corrections division. Officer Kolbow joined Lakes Area Police in November of 2013. He is currently assigned to the Chisago County SWAT team as an operator, and is one of the Department's use of force instructors, as well as unarmed control tactics, and chemical agents.

Officer Barwin

Officer Jonathan Barwin joined the Lakes Area Police Department in January of 2016, and is currently assigned as a School Resource Officer. Officer Barwin heads the DARE program, and is the lead SRO for the Department. He works out of the Chisago Lakes High school.

Police Assistant Strese

Assistant Amber Strese has been with the Lakes Area Police Department since April of 2021.  Assistant Strese work with an alarm company in Wisconsin.  She had under taken numerous training courses and is a certified CJIS operator, and handles records requests for the Department, as well as crime statistics and record entry.  Assistant Strese does much more than data entry.  There are many occasions when Assistant Strese will take an initial complaint over the phone, she communicates with the officers over the radio or computer systems, handles requests for information, and many times is the first person a member of the public sees when asking for a police officer at City Hall.  Assistant Strese's duties are many and varied. 

Sergeant Varco
Sergeant Varco

Sergeant Jim Varco was hired by the Chisago City Police Department February 11, 2000, and promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2012.  Sergeant Varco attended Bemidji State University where he obtained a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice, and completed his skills training at Hibbing Community College.  Since beginning his employment with the Chisago City Police Department, Sergeant Varco had received training in, and is certified as an intoxilyzer operator, Simunition, firearms, use of force instructor, and snowmobile safety instructor. Sergeant Varco is also a certified field training officer and supervises the A side rotation.   While off duty, Sergeant Varco enjoys spending time on the water fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling.

Officer Haller
Officer Haller

Officer Tom Haller started with the Chisago City Police Department in 2003 and has continued with the Lakes Area Police Department. Officer Haller has worked as a School Resource Officer, and has taught DNR safety classes to local youth. Officer Haller supervises the Department's impound lot forfeiture related transactions, auctions and is assigned to the A side day watch.

Officer VanHorn

Chad VanHorn started his patrol duties with Lakes Area PD in December of 2006. He is currently a Taser instructor, and past Drug Recognition Officer. Chad currently covers our B side day watch. Chad grew up in northern Minnesota and currently lives in Chisago County.

Officer Anderson

Officer Aaron Anderson became a Lakes Area Police Officer in July of 2015. He had previously worked as a part time Police Officer for the Wyoming Police Department. Officer Anderson is certified in patrol operations, DUI enforcement, traffic enforcement, breath test operator, and is currently assigned to the A side Day power shift.

Officer Quimby

Officer Quimby joined the Lakes Area Police Department in November of 2015. He has previously been a Community Service Officer for the Lakes Area Police Department and also had completed his college internship here. He is currently a full time Police Officer and is assigned to the A side night shift. Officer Quimby is also the Department's property Officer, responsible for the storage and tracking of property and evidence.

Officer Baumann

Officer Baumann joined the Lakes Area Police Department in February of 2021. He has previously been employed with Cook County as a Deputy Sheriff for 5 years. He is currently a full time Police Officer and is assigned to the B side day power shift.

Police Assistant Lind

Assistant Lind has worked as a Police Assistant for many years with the Chisago City police department prior to the creation of the Lakes Area Police Department. Assistant Lind lives in the Chisago Lakes Area with her husband and children. Assistant Lind  works Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Her duties include Data Management, transcription, gun permits, first contact for inquiries, managing office supplies and criminal coding, just to name a few.






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