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The Lakes Area Police Department is proud and excited to support the following programs.

"The D.A.R.E. program is strong and healthy in our area", says Chief Stenson.  in the past when the school district found itself in financial straits there were many teaching positions and extracurricular activities that were cut.  The D.A.R.E. program was also slated to be cut.  Upon learning of the possible demise of the D.A.R.E. program, the Mayor of Lindstrom immediately called a meeting of the city and township boards.  Also in attendance was one of the fifth grade teachers and several of the D.A.R.E. graduates.  The graduates read their D.A.R.E. essays to the board and the Mayor's plea was simple and direct.  The city of Lindstrom requested $500.00 from each board to fund D.A.R.E. for one year.  Every city and township pledged their financial support and the Chisago Lakes School District had made the commitment that the funding for the D.A.R.E. program would return the following year.

Project Charlie is an international prevention education program based on teaching personal and social skills that promote resiliency and positive youth development. Through curriculum and training, Project Charlie equips teachers with the skills and information they need to teach children social competencies that will lead them to choose not to use! Research indicates that the social competency model used in Project Charlie is effective in deterring adolescent chemical use and abuse.


The Lakes Area Police Department is very active in the Safe and Sober Campaign.  The department has run a number of Safe and Sober Campaigns with gratifying results.

Some of the other programs we support:

  • Neighborhood Watch - is a year round program

  • National Night Out - an annual event that takes place in late summer

  • Juvenile Restorative Justice Conferencing - an alternative for dealing with juvenile crime

  • Child Print - is usually done in the Fall during Kindergarten Round-up

  • Hunter Safety Education - usually takes place in the Spring

  • Bicycle Safety - the Bicycle Rodeo takes place in the Spring

  • Snowmobile Safety - is usually scheduled for the Fall

  • Halloween Safety - is in the Fall

  • Child Car Seat Safety - provided throughout the year

  • Child Safety - associated with the National Child Safety Council

Officer Bourasa with one of his Child Safety Classes!


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