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A Little Local History

Interesting Fact: CHISAGO CITY, a city in Chisago, Lake, and Wyoming Townships, was platted in 1855, taking its name from the lake. It was incorporated as a village on August 10, 1906. It had a station of the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad in section 6 of Chisago Township, a steam stave factory, and a post office established in 1856.
How did
Chisago County get its name?   ( from Minnesota Historical Society)"The movement for the organization of a new county from the northern part of Washington commenced in the winter of 1851-52. A formidable petition to the legislature to make such organization, drawn up and circulated by Hon. Ansel Smith, of Franconia, and the writer, was duly forwarded, presented and acquiesced in by that body. The writer had been selected to visit the capital in the interest of the petitioners. Some difficulty arose as to the name. The writer had proposed 'Chi-sa-ga.' This Indian name was ridiculed, and Hamilton, Jackson, Franklin, and Jefferson, were in turn proposed. The committee of the whole finally reported in favor of the name, Chisaga, but the legislature, in passing the bill for our county organization, by clerical or typographical error changed the last 'a' in 'saga' to 'o,' which, having become the law, has not been changed." Chisaga means large and lovely Lake.
Lindstrom: LINDSTROM, a city in Chisago Lake Township, section 33, platted in 1880 on the central part of Chisago Lake, including many summer homes of city residents, was named for Daniel Lindstrom, a pioneer farmer. He was born in Helsingland, Sweden, in 1825; came to the United States, settling here; sold the greater part of his farm in 1878, which became the village site; and continued to reside here until his death in 1895. The city was incorporated as a village on August 28, 1894, and reincorporated on April 9, 1908; it has had a city charter since 1950. Its post office was established in 1880. The village had a station of the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad, three newspapers, including a Swedish weekly, two hotels, and a flour mill and grain elevator.

The photo is of the earliest village marshals for Chisago City and Lindstrom.



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